L-LG-B - Double Card Burger Mahogany 焦橙色 雙層卡片包 意大利植鞣革 真皮名片套_copy

HKD 280.00
存貨量 : 10

Butcher Lab

L-LG-B - Double Card Burger 雙層卡片包 意大利植鞣革 真皮名片套
尺寸: 闊10.5cm 高7cm 厚2cm
間隔 : 3
Simple design with 2 inner and 1 outer compartments, other than name cards, it also suitable for daily passes, credit cards and octopus cards which you need them every day.
可選顏色 Colours
1 - Beige 原色
2 - Mahogany 焦橙色
3 - Chocolate 深棕色
4 - Navy Blue 海藍色

商品資料 Product Description
Materials 物料: Italy vegetable tanned leather
Apartment 間隔 : 3
Capacity 容量:6~8 Cards per each apartment

注意事項 Notice for Customers

The colors of leather dyed by our crafter (Beige is not included), there is an opportunity of color discrepancy. However, the leather had its own natural pattern, and it is the unique attractiveness of leather goods.

使用及保養 Maintenance Methods
Every product is a un-finish item to us, the leather will present its ultimate state after time and use by the customer, and it will be shown its optimum attractiveness to you by time being.
Please avoid the leather goods to get wet, and be careful when using it on rainy days.
Please put the leather goods at a dry and cool place when you are not using them, or you may put some anti-humid products near them.
If you discover your leather goods become moldy, Congratulation! This situation proved your leather goods is made by “Real” leather. ( The “Unreal” leather will never become moldy.)
After the ceremony, you can buy some cleaning products which specialized for leather goods or mink oil, and following the instruction of the user menu to clean it.

運送地區地點政策 Terms of Delivery
--香港—Hong Kong
a) 香港工業及商業大廈 - 將會按照設定收費。
Hong Kong industrial and commercial buildings – Defaulted delivery fee
b) 香港順豐速遞服務點 - 將會按設定另加$10額外附加費(詳情可參閱以下之連結)
Hong Kong Shun Fung Express service spots- add $10 on the defaulted delivery fee.(Please read the following site for referenfce)
If you choose the above option, please also bid the add-up fee $10 in our product list.
c) 香港住宅及其他偏遠地區 - 將會按設定另加$30額外附加費
Hong Kong residential area and remote districts - add $30 on the defaulted delivery fee. .(Please read the following site for referenfce)

If you choose the above option, please also bid the add-up fee $30 in our product list.

If there is any problems about delivery, please feel free to contact us before paying the deal, we will reply and assist you as soon as possible.


If you are buying more than one item from us, we have already listed out the weight of each product in the descriptions, you can add up the total weight before you pay the deal. If the total weight does not o
地區及國家 第一件運費 其後每件加收
香港 $22 $0
澳門 $30 $0
台灣 $40 $0
中國內地 $40 $0
新加坡 $50 $0
韓國 $50 $0
泰國 $50 $0




- 發貨時間
現成商品:確認收款後的 5 個工作天內寄出商品。(星期六日及公 眾假期除外)
訂製商品出貨時間:完成訂製商品後的 7 個工作天內寄出商品。 (星期六日及公眾假期除外)

- 到貨時間
香港:寄出後約 2 個工作天內送達(星期六日及公眾假期除外)
台灣:寄出後約 3 個工作天內送達(星期六日及公眾假期除外)
澳門:寄出後約 3 個工作天內送達(星期六日及公眾假期除外)
中國內地:寄出後約 3 個工作天內送達(星期六日及公眾假期除外)
其他地方:各地所需運送時間都不同,請事先向 CREator 查詢。


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