Hyle Design 原質東隅

Hyle Design 原質東隅

Hylé Design原質東隅 是澳門設計師原創生活品牌。 主張追求事物的純粹本質,熱愛發現生活中的美學及其細節,期望在繁忙都市的使用者經驗中,呈現那份簡潔純樸的溫暖,提升生活態度。 宗旨: 「天生我『柴』必有用。」 每一樣物品都有其生存價值。原質東隅在製造產品的同時,亦堅持了環保的營商理念。 而很多工厰每次把木材製作成品傢俱後剩餘的木材都會當垃圾丟掉或當柴枝燒掉。 因此,我們為這堆「廢柴」注入了新的生命價值,製作成直尺、飾物等各式各樣的木製生活用品,減少了木材的浪費。

Hylé Design is a brand inspired by cultural life in pursuit of pure essence of things. We’re eager to discover the aesthetics and every little details around us. By sharing this particular warm-hearted feeling we expect to bring the customers a different experience of quality life. We always believe everything is good for something and each thing has the specific value of its existence, even it’s disuse. By adhering this business philosophy we prioritize environmental protection in products manufacturing. We manage to eliminate wood residues by turning them into new resources. Large scale of wood waste will be generated in furniture manufacturing sites, considering this we design our products including wooden rulers, ornaments and other kinds of daily necessities through recycling wasted wood.