Sabina Wong

Sabina Wong

Sabina Wong — 來自加拿大的首飾設計師。 無論珍貴的寶石或至純銀,甚或K金,在她的巧手下,均被創作成獨一無二的藝術品。 這一切躍然著她對自然的讚頌,對未知的渴求。理念 - 藉著優雅獨特的創意,為經典重新定義。

Sabina Wong is Canadian jewelry artist. Her vision is to create timeless, elegant designs by redefining classical forms and each with a tale to tell. She is a jewellery artist who sees the potential in every type of gemstone. She designs using a multitude of gemstone cuts and, with a spark of creativity, creates masterpieces that are truly one of a kind. Her designs are frequently infused with inspirations from her adventures around the world.

Philosophy​ - Our vision is to create everlasting, elegant designs that tell a story and are suitable for any occasion by redefining classic patterns.